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This game takes place outside.

MAXIMUM ALERT! The development of the MK Ultra virus was halted during the Cold War. At least that’s what we thought … A criminal organization called Spider Tech is about to spread it and we need you to stop them!

Do you like escapes games? Do you like treasure hunts? Do you find augmented reality interesting? Evade Escape Game presents to you this new adventure that will mix the 3 aspects.

This game takes place across the city of Lausanne, you will have an Ipad that will allow you to use augmented reality and a whole bunch of gadgets in a dedicated suitcase.

Tips: Take comfortable clothes and shoes and remember to charge your smart phones.
Reservations for groups of more than 5 people:

Each session is suitable for 5 people so in order to play with 10 players you will need to book 2 sessions in a row and for 15 players you need to book 3 sessions in a row. Leave us a comment in your reservation stating that you would like to start together.

Choice of path: :

Normal / duration: 90-120min

Difficult / duration: 90-120min

Family and children / duration: 120-150min / valid for max 2 adults and 3 children

Long and medium / duration: 120-180min +9.- per person

Long and difficult / duration:  120-180min / +9.- per person

Discover Lausanne / easy / duration: 120-180min / +9.- per person

Bachelor(ette) party / duration: 90-180min (at the choice of the organizer) / + 35.- per group

Birthdays adults / children / duration: 90-180min (at the choice of the organizer) / + 35.- per group

Custom / choice of: starting point, arrival, time, difficulty, puzzles, other requests / + 40.- per group


* We reserve the right to cancel / move a session if the weather is not favorable




120/180 min


2-20 players